Dec 132016

I can’t think of a single moment in my whole life where I felt any sort of jealousy towards a woman. It just never happens. This is the case with most men. It’s also the case that women don’t get jealous of men, or if they do, it’s nowhere near the same as their jealousy of other women.

Jealousy simply comes down to comparing your life to those of others but there’s a caveat. Jealousy only happens when the other person is relatable to you. Men and women share the same raw emotions and feelings but when it comes to matters of social importance, there are huge differences.

If a woman wears a pretty dress, what man would be jealous? None (cross dressing men don’t count), but plenty of women would be. If a man wins an arm wrestling competition, women don’t get jealous but plenty of men would be envious of such an achievement.

Now, what about things that both men and women want in life? Let’s take an obvious example of money. This guy has a female friend who works as a senior executive and makes big money. She owns a large house and a sports car. The guy works in a dead end office job with low pay. Would he be jealous of her? I would say no. He may envy the fact she has money but he’s not jealous of the woman herself. He simply can’t relate to her. There are just too many differences between men and women socially to stir up jealousy.

I have never met a woman who said she wished she was a man and vice versa (transgenders don’t count). Few people think about what it would be like to be the opposite sex. Our own bias causes us all to convince ourselves we were born the sex we wanted.

Think about this. I have two offers for you and you must choose one. The first is $10,000, no strings attached. The second is $10,000,000, but there’s a catch. The catch is I will magically transform you into a person of the opposite sex.

Which offer would you take?

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